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Elizabeth Warren only gets slight support, while no other GOP possibility gets positive support. [Read More]
Senator Warren hauled boxes of treats from Dunkin' Donuts down the halls of the US Capitol to help fuel the House Democrats' sit-in. [Read More]
Via Dave Blount: This is too rich: Elizabeth Warren is sharply escalating her attacks on Donald Trump, dubbing the presumptive nominee a "loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud" who is in league... [Read More]
House Democrats may have been in a need of a boost Wednesday evening, having occupied the House chamber since around 11:30 a.m. in an effort to force a vote on gun control legislation.... [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a tweet that there was nowhere she'd rather be on her birthday. [Read More]
"Nowhere I'd rather spend my bday than the House floor w/ @repjohnlewis for gun control." [Read More]
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts will campaign with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Ohio on Monday, Clinton's campaign said. "Clinton and Warren will discuss their shared commitment to building... [Read More]
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A frosty relationship, differences over Wall Street and a need to draw male voters are factors that argue against a Clinton-Warren ticket. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump's business record on Tuesday, making a strong case that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee would manage the U.S. economy as badly as he has done his... [Read More]
The battle continues. [Read More]
Benjamin Wallace-Wells writes about Hillary Clinton's Vice-Presidential search. [Read More]
The pros and cons of a young — and arguably too inexperienced — choice. [Read More]
Sarah Westwood A hacker who claims to have infiltrated the Democratic National Committee's server posted documents on Tuesday he says came from the party's digital files. The hacker, who identified himself as... [Read More]
Jonathan loves three things: Elizabeth Warren, LeBron James, and 'Game of Thrones.'... [Read More]
'Pocahontas, I would like to apologize to you'... [Read More]
Wall Street has an unambiguous message for Hillary Clinton: Don't pick Elizabeth Warren as your VP, Politico's Ben White says. [Read More]
We could save Americans millions with postal banking. [Read More]
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren continued to fill the role as attack dog Saturday, as she tore into presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump calling him a "thin-skinned racist bully" who shouldn't be allowed... [Read More]
In her feud with Donald Trump, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is taking no prisoners. A week after Warren called Trump a "thin-skinned, racist bully," she found a way to hammer him even harder.... [Read More]
Warren, who recently endorsed Hillary Clinton, said Trump is a "proven failure" who is unfit to lead. [Read More]
Massachusetts senator calls presumptive GOP presidential nominee "a thin-skinned, racist, sexist bully" [Read More]
Massachusetts senator calls presumptive GOP presidential nominee "a thin-skinned, racist, sexist bully" [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren, a senator being eyed as a possible Democratic vice presidential pick, dropped by Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters on Friday, according to people in the room. [Read More]
There is no American politician more closely associated with "progressive" economic causes than Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton is considering U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren for her running mate for the Democratic presidential ticket, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing several people familiar with the process. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's campaign is officially vetting Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a potential running mate, according to a Thursday Wall Street Journal report. Read More →... [Read More]
Clinton's campaign is actively looking at Sen. Elizabeth Warren. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's campaign isn't considering primary rival Bernie Sanders as her running mate, but is actively looking at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose populist politics line up closely with Mr. Sanders, people familiar with... [Read More]
We turn to Puerto Rico. The Senate is set to consider a bill to create a federally appointed control board with sweeping powers to run Puerto Rico's economy to help the island cope... [Read More]
Donald Trump on Saturday kicked his unapologetic presidential campaign into high gear -- saying he won't apologize for his personal attacks on Sen. Elizabeth Warren and extending his feud with GOP establishment leader... [Read More]
Donald Trump said he will continue calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas," as well as "Goofy Elizabeth." [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren participated in the Boston Pride parade on Saturday. [Read More]
Senator Elizabeth Warren was at Boston's Pride Parade in a rainbow boa and colorful shoes. [Read More]
Progressives have sharply criticized Elizabeth Warren after she endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. [Read More]
Presumptive Republican nominee throws out the teleprompter to deliver a vintage speech high in bombast and bluster in Virginia Donald Trump's general election pivot didn't last very long. After giving two speeches... [Read More]
Crowd erupts into Indian war whoops as Trump hurls insult at Sen. Elizabeth Warren... [Read More]
It was a bad time for Sen. Cory Gardner to be caught in an elevator with a reporter. Donald Trump had just referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as "Pocahontas" - again... [Read More]
Guest post by Aleister Elizabeth Warren doesn't seem to understand that by endorsing the favorite candidate of Wall Street, she ... [Read More]
No one does a better job of taking apart "thin-skinned, racist bully" Donald Trump. [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren's toe-to-toe Twitter duels with Donald Trump, her blistering speeches branding him a racist, and her meeting with Hillary Clinton on Friday have ignited a wave of speculation that she could soon... [Read More]

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